Behind The Dino

The JayDeeasouris is a cross-breed of Bigfoot, a squid, and a T-Rex. What scientists have been studying is, the mother or father's parents were a T-Rex and Bigfoot, who mated, and then the other's parent was a squid and those two mated, and made the JayDeeasouris. 

Why Is It So Dangerous?

The JayDeeasouris is so dangerous because it can suck off your face with its tentacles, or eat you with it's razor-sharp teeth. Its only diet is intelligent human life, and since that is hard to find, they are low on food and becoming endangered. 


The map above shows where the two scientists from Michigan will be studying the natural habitat of the JayDeeasouris. If they make it make alive, they will be the first people to ever take sight of the JayDeeasouris!